What is shared web hosting?

In Shared Hosting a common server is used by several other websites. The resources provided by this server are shared with all other websites. Various resources like Hardware, Software, Emails, E-Commerce etc. In simple words you can say that Shared Hosting is like renting an apartment with several other tenants and utilizing the services together. It is the cheapest form of Web hosting service.

The drawback of using this hosting is that if the traffic to your website increases then it may affect other websites. If one website is getting more traffic then it will utilize more space and due to which other websites are left with very less space to share which affects other websites to experience low speed and increased downtime. We can say that if there is a bad neighbor in the apartment then the owner asks him to move somewhere else.

Shared hosting has very less room for upgrading your configurations but still it is very good option for the websites which are starter websites with low budget.

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For businesses, organizations, or people who are looking to host a website the most popular and cost effective choice is shared web hosting. Yes, for many websites shared web hosting is the ideal solution. Because Shared web hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages. And today one of the most attractive aspects of shared hosting for most people is its low cost. In shared hosting, it is been managed by hosting company, where all security, and software updates and performed by their staff. Moreover Shared hosting packages usually come with a simple to use client management interface, where it allows them to set up file and FTP access, manage email accounts and other basic functions, giving you control over your website.

Whereas in Shared web hosting, your website shares a server with other people’s websites. Shared hosting can either be name based or IP based. In general using shared hosting may not be as secure as dedicated hosting.

Now that you know what is shared web hosting and now if you are looking for the best shared web hosting provider to host your website, then I would like to recommend you to go with HostingRaja! Yes, Hostgator is India’s top best web hosting provider  with years of experience in providing expertized shared hosting solution just at Rs.65. Read the Hostgator Review before you buying. Not only that you can also choose your desired operating system that is Windows or Linux. All their data centers are based in India (Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore) So if you are from Indian and your targeted customers are from India then Choosing HostingRaja is the right and the best choice. And it also helps to load your website faster without any latency problem.

They also provide 99.9% server uptime with 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, email and ticket system. But one the drawback of using Shared hosting is that your website will be hosted on one single server with multiple other websites so if there is any issue with one website then there is a chance that entire server may go down.

Here are the advantages of using Share hosting solution for your business:

1. Inexpensive

As the name implies, one has to share the server and resources with others in case of shared hosting. Thus, shared web host packages are quite cheaper as compared to dedicated website hosting.

2. Easy Set-Up

Shared web hosting offers the easiest platform to get your website hosted and ready to take orders. Many people who are venturing into online marketing do not have the slightest idea about the technical aspects of what this entails, so they are looking for the easiest way to get started. A shared web hosting provider could solve that problem.

3. No Technical Skills Required To Operate

Shared web hosting describes the more basic form of managed hosting. This simply means that the host provider is responsible to maintain the server and all the hardware associated with it in their data center. They only provide you with connectivity, but they handle all the administrative and complex issues that goes into the everyday operation so you do not have to deal with it.

4. Easy to Upgrade

Most of the companies provide shared web hosting in multiple plans. At the startup of your website hasn’t a lot of traffic and you don’t need a lot of storage. So you should choose a startup plan. And if you analyze that you should need a better plan then you can easily upgrade your plan. This is also one of the benefits of Shared web hosting services.

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